Our Products

Having access to a diverse range of products can help you to work within the provider network. These products can include a variety of payor management systems as well as benefit administration, health plan administration and health care administration. At Medegy™ Health Systems, we offer a variety of products along with our software including utilization management, eHealthDeck, claim appeal, a billing integrity program and we work seamlessly with the HEDIS program.

  • Credentialing

    Establishing the qualifications within the provider network is something that needs to be done initially and re-credentialing… More

  • Claim Appeal

    When issues sometimes arise, it may be necessary to take in claim appeals from within the provider network… More

  • Billing Integrity Program

    A part of our health plan administration software, our billing integrity program utilizes industry standards and allows for customization… More

  • eHealthDeck

    Our eHealthDeck is a self-service portal that allows you to get paid faster with better accuracy, and improve cashflow… More


    HEDIS is used by up to 90% of all those within any provider network. That is why we ensure that our software works seamlessly with it… More

  • Utilization Management

    It is important to be able to review prior authorization from within the provider network. Our utilization management program allows you to set up health plan or industry standard criteria for such review… More

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